Sunday, October 18, 2020

October Sunsets

Cape Cod, MA

Sunset in Wellfleet, MA, bayside

While I’m safe at home during the pandemic, Cape Cod Bay continues to host world-class sunsets. In appreciation, here are some archival sunset images from earlier Octobers.

When October storms begin clearing as the sun goes down, odd light is common. Golden skies vie with dark clouds and landscape. Who will win? Light or dark?

Sunset in Provincetown, MA with monument

If dark cloud layers are well above the horizon, golden pinkish glows can emanate. Here the iconic Provincetown monument towers over P’town’s other landmarks.

Sunset in Wellfleet, MA after rainstorm

In Wellfleet, on another day, conditions are similar. Yet they mysteriously change before the sun reaches the horizon, turning towards monochromatic hues.

Sunset in Wellfleet, MA

The last of the Wellfleet sunset, with sun just below horizon, looks like a sepia tone image that I created post-production, but it’s not. Just another of the Bay’s many sunset palettes.

Sunset in Eastham MA

Here’s the sunset palette that we photographers hope for. It’s completely unpredictable when and where it will occur. This is Eastham. I’ve seen them in Orleans and throughout the Outer Cape.

Sunset in Eastham, MA, part 2

When a sunset like this happens, colors develop and change constantly, leading to lots of photos. I have hundreds of photos of this sunset. This shot is my very favorite.

End of Sunset in Eastham, MA

The end of another beautiful Cape Cod October day. The Bay at low tide, with its picturesque sandbars, guarantees a lovely sunset photo—if you choose the right time and place.

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