Sunday, November 22, 2020

November Leaves

Santa Cruz Mountains

Looking up at bright sky through multicolor oak leaves

Not all November days are bleak. Sometimes bright sunshine plays on the leaves, making multicolored patterns upon patterns upon patterns.

Tree with thick branches and green, yellow and red leaves

Westward facing trees get strong afternoon sun. Trees with dense structures change color branch by branch from green to yellow to red. 

Bright yellow leaves against bright blue sky

The aspen grove in town is always a delight. Its fluttering green leaves turn yellow and cling to the branches, still fluttering, throughout November.

Sunlight coming through many colored oak leaves

The largest oak in the neighborhood sports a variety of hues, and still provides plenty of shade throughout the month. I don’t envy the owner’s raking duties.

Tree that looks like Dr. Seuss' Truffula tree

I don’t know the name of this festive tree, but I want one. Trained as a shrub in a local parking lot, its bright berries and many-colored leaves remind me of Dr. Seuss.

Plum tree with Redwoods in Background

Meanwhile, in my back yard, a storm blows in and clouds race across the sky above the plum tree and redwoods. Note the orange deciduous Chinese redwood on right.

Multicolored tree with burgundy berries

Close-up of the unknown “berry tree” shows assorted bright hues and shades as leaves age and eventually fall.

Compound leaf tree with burgundy berries

Couldn’t resist just one more shot of the lovely gradation of color from yellow-green to golden to orange to burgundy.

Red Japanese Maple and Evergreen Background

This neighborhood Japanese maple receives almost no direct sunlight. Its bright red leaves linger to inspire indescribable joy, till one by one they fade to brown.

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