Sunday, September 20, 2020

September Time Out

Castro Valley, CA

Sheriff's order to evacuate due to wildfire while sheltering in place was confusing and stressful. After a few motel nights, we accepted our friends’ kind, open-ended offer of shelter.

Cycads, whose history spans 280 million years, now require special care to grow. They remind me that with right action I can thrive despite unexpected adverse conditions.

Meanwhile, Mother Nature is tending towards autumn. These odd pods dot our friends’ Castro Valley neighborhood with yellows, golds, and peachy hues.

A close look at the many Japanese maples throughout the ‘hood reveal red seedpods on certain species. They will dry out, separate, and twirl to the ground in coming months.

And the sky is hinting at autumn, despite the smoke and heat. The varied red and yellow hues of large Japanese maples contrast perfectly with the celestial dome.

Our friends’ neighbors put out a basket of apples with a sign that says “Take Some.” I enjoyed one on my walk. Their tree will provide fruit for some time this year.

Autumn color creeps into the ground cover as well as the overstory. Slowly it starts to change the character of the neighborhood, as hues change here and there.

Kuan Yin, Buddhist goddess of mercy and compassion, reminds me that all is well even in the face of uncertainty. Contemplation and step-by-step right action is the path.

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