Sunday, January 26, 2020

January’s Rainbow

Santa Cruz Mountains

If only a photograph could exude the delightful fragrance of an early narcissus. The smell wafts all throughout our neighborhood.

Borage, or shooting star, blooms through the entire winter if temperatures are mild. Plus, they’re edible, so can enhance salads in any month.

Violets, also edible, don’t mind the frost at all. They prefer cool temperatures, and are reluctant to bloom in the summer and early fall.

Bottlebrush trees come from Australia, and bloom true to their native southern hemisphere. It’s this Aussie plant’s summertime.

Calendulas are a fine choice for California gardens. They’re hardy and bloom all year long, plus they can be used in homemade skin-nurturing products.

Festive coreopsis is a hardy annual that survives mild winters. Even if it succumbs to frost, its prolific seed production ensures its place in the garden next year.

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