Sunday, February 16, 2020

February Field of Light

Paso Robles, CA

Bruce Munro’s installation of over 58,000 solar powered lights at Sensorio illuminates only after dark. Meanwhile, the Field of Light reflects sunset colors.

Tiny people in the landscape of light lend a sense of scale to Munro’s project. The lights seem to glow. Are they powered on, or is it simply a matter of reflection?

At last there’s 100% evidence that the juice is on and the show is beginning. Solar cells connect with fiber optics to deliver the ever-changing colors.

A transition in the rolling landscape: Lights in shady glens turn on while those on exposed slopes await the gathering darkness. Or so it seems.

Solar cells are the heartbeat of the exhibition, and fiber optics their arteries. Foot paths lead visitors from the outermost reaches of the show, all the way around it, and through the middle.

All lights are engaged! Each solar-powered sector slowly changes its hue at its own time. The landscape is dynamic and awe-inspiring for people of all ages.

The spider-like fiber optics of each sector fascinate the eye and warm the heart as they cycle through the color spectrum, changing each sector's bulb color as they go.

Nightfall, and the colors look even more intense, if harder to photograph. It’s an experience beyond description. See it for yourself at Sensorio before June 30, 2020.

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