Sunday, August 6, 2017

The Beach in August

Olympic National Park

Huge stacks of driftwood and big rocks at Ruby Beach

One of the happiest American traditions is a trip to the beach in summertime. However, not all beaches are good for swimming and sunbathing.

A large sea stack with vegatation and driftwood in foreground. Other sea stacks in background

Ruby Beach in Washington isn’t for swimming, and it’s not for sunbathing. It’s for close encounters with driftwood, large rocks, and an occasional errant wave.

Sea Stack with Natural Arch and waves

The offshore sea stacks support all manner of vegetation, including small trees. There’s a sea lion-looking piece of driftwood at the bottom of the stack, nature’s whimsy.

Driftwood and Rock that Look like a Sea Lion

The "sea lion" of wood and stone. Nature crafts her blueprint for marine mammals in surprising raw materials.

Bald eagle on an evergreen branch

But there is no mistaking the real thing. At Rialto Beach, where forest meets the sea, a bald eagle guards her nest, awaiting the return of her mate.

Two Backpackers on the Beach Trail

Long, rain-free August days along the Washington coast are perfect for backpacking. A permit, a pack, a map, and miles of wilderness make for beautiful winter memories.

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