Sunday, August 20, 2017

How I Spent my Summer Vacation

Olympic National Park

The rocky sea stacks and crazy wave patterns at Rialto beach

After my last blog post, I couldn’t resist adding a more personal view of the Washington coast. While framing this sea stack shot at Rialto beach, a wave drenched my “water resistant” shoes.

Bruce taking a photo of sea stacks on Rialto Beach

Sharing a vacation more than doubles the fun, provided that you enjoy the same things. Photography, companionship, sun, sand, sea, snacks and sea stacks, all else is irrelevant today.

Rocky cliff with forest on top, Tiny Strawberry Falls barely visible.

A walk down Third Beach, which is also the third beach we visit. Is Strawberry Falls, a horsetail waterfall from an unnamed creek, still running this year? I can see it!

Tiny Strawberry falls on left, Rocky point on right, waves in foreground

And here is Strawberry Falls closer up, dropping gracefully into the Pacific Ocean. Promontory rocks form a scenic point that fishermen avoid.

The rocks off Third Beach with ultramarine waves

The rocks at the point bear witness to our change in direction and retracing of steps. The sun is heading towards setting and the light is changing. 

Bruce on Third Beach, walking towards bright sunshine

Onward into the bright sunset! Even in the middle of summer, Olympic National Park’s beaches provide freedom from crowds and respite from civilization. We will return.

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