Sunday, July 16, 2017

Freedom in the Mountains

Olympic National Park

Hurricane Ridge looking towards Port Angeles

A day in the mountains in summer is the antidote to world-weariness. In the morning, the sun shines brightly, burning off low foggy clouds.

Hurricane Ridge with Trail and Snow

A winding path through wildflowers and woods eases the mind into tranquility. Even in July, despite the hot sun, snowy patches persist.

Hurricane Hill Looking up at Three Hikers on Skyline

Later in the afternoon, the foggy clouds return and the light changes. Three hikers above us pause to admire the view.

Many upward steps later, we admire the same view. These meadows are home to blacktail deer, marmots, ptarmigan, mountain goats, and a host of other creatures.

Olympic Mountain Range at Sunset

The sun sets in our neighborhood and down below, but continues to bathe the mountaintops and clouds in red light.

Lone Dead Trees and Wildflowers Overlooking Olympic Mountains

The sun is gone for today, but nature’s palette is still lovely even as the light fades.

Dark Mountains and Snow with Pink Sunset on Mt. Olympus Blue Glacier

The very last sunset, high atop Mt. Olympus, tallest peak in the range. The Blue Glacier, looking distinctly pink, is the ultimate source of Olympic National Park’s mighty rivers.

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