Sunday, March 24, 2019

The Waters of March

Uvas Canyon County Park, CA


Water flowing down several pathways and waterfalls

California winter rains cause creeks to swell and sing, their waters rushing down all possible paths through the stream bed.

Large waterfall with fern in foreground

Granuja Falls is spectacularly full in spring, and easily accessed along an all-ages and -abilities trail.

Mossy rocks and logs with water in stream bed

Swanson Creek waters tumble under snags, over rocks, and through tunnels, ever seeking the path of least resistance.

A small falls with significant water flow

Little Falls, deep in the woods, doesn't look so little in March, after months of winter rain.

A tall falls dropping into a pool

The Upper Falls are tall, dropping into a self-made pool below. By late summer, the rush will be a trickle.

Water splashing off rocks and foaming through stream bed

The runoff creates an endless variety of shapes and splashes as it descends, frolicking and foaming.

water coming from many directions to join in large falls

The air is cool and fresh in the canyon in early springtime, gently moderated by the flow, compared with nearby hillsides.

Tiny falls as water rushes over rocks

Even the smallest of unnamed falls inspire us to feelings of irrepressible joy, mirroring the carefree mood of spring.

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