Sunday, February 24, 2019

Before the Renovation

San Rafael, CA

Back in the 1980s, interior designers often applied an open-air indoor-outdoor theme, both for homes and public buildings. Natural light, plants, and water features abounded. 

Conversation alcoves within the natural surrounds encouraged visitors to relax and chat, or hang out and read. Bars and restaurants peeped out at the leafy scene.

Pools were incorporated into the lobby design as water features. Glass elevators, with garden-like trim, showed guests an overall view of the lovely surrounds.

The path to our room: rugs echo the garden theme, as bold and bright as 1980s clothing. No doubt this hallway rug cost a pretty penny, yet still looks plush and near-new.

Waterfalls were a must in finer hotels, like this Embassy Suites. Enjoy a waterside seat or take a selfie by the falls, but do it soon. This hotel is scheduled for imminent renovation.

All the plants, water features, and color will soon be gone. The new design is easy-care and without character. All stark white, black, and dull grays. Anonymous and corporate.

Say goodbye to this lovely icon of 1980s style. Say goodbye to all the plants and color. Say goodbye to natural light, and to the indoor-outdoor idea. If you want nature, you'll have to go outside.

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