Sunday, August 26, 2018

Butchart Gardens Bounty

Victoria, BC, Canada

pink impatiens paired with silver wormwood and tiny purple plants

Unlike most public gardens, Butchart Gardens displays different types of plants with complimentary colors together in their beds. Plant varieties and color combinations are endless.

red dahlia with two bees

In the sunny dahlia gardens in late August, bees gather pollen relentlessly. Warm weather dahlias will be gone in a few months.

giant magenta spherical dahlias

But in August, dahlias are spectacular. These huge blossoms, known as dinner plate dahlias, are difficult for bees to navigate. But they add an outrageous pop of color to the garden.

pink, white, and yellow "spider" dahlia with bee

Looking a lot like spider mums, these charming tri-color dahlias a favorite in the Golden Gate (San Francisco) gardens, as well as in this photographer’s eye.

bright red and yellow tufty plants

Shade areas are vibrant with bold contrasting colors that speak to our hearts and souls. According to my local Farmers' Market, these plants are called Celosia.

silver wormwood and deep red tufty plants

Fire and ice colors as we stroll along in the afternoon. In acres of gardens, we see neither drooping plants nor Butchart gardeners. All work is done early, before the gardens open.

impatiens plants lit by downlighting

Butchart Gardens are artfully lit in the evening, and tickets are good for 2 days. Do return at sunset to experience the gardens for a completely new—and less peopled—experience.

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