Saturday, December 30, 2017

Art and Nature in Community

Scotts Valley, California

Red, Gold, and Green Leaves Closeup

What a lovely Community Center the town of Scotts Valley has. In late autumn the border of trees outside the parking lot turns brilliant red, and the leaves stay bright through January.

Leafy branch of red with silhouette of Christmas tree on lamppost

In early December, Christmas trees motifs cloak the parking lot lampposts. These decorations compliment the natural trees, adding to the Community Center’s festive appeal.

Artsy painted Christmas Tree lamppost with red tree foliage

Visible from the Library and Transit Center, the colorful combination of natural and artificial trees delight locals and commuters, drivers and pedestrians, as well as visitors to the Community Center.

Cowboy and horse sculpture with flaming red trees

This year a temporary display of public art adds even more appeal to the area. This sculpture harkens back to the 1800s, when what we now know as Scotts Valley was part of Rancho San Agustin.

Appealing architecture draped in lights with trees in foreground

The Community Center itself is decked with lights, twinkling behind the red leaves as sunset approaches, and shedding light throughout the dark evenings.

A deer sculpture looks surprisingly natural in this semi-urban environment. Public art, nature, commuters, traffic, and seasonal decorations coexist beautifully.

Decorative Grass clumps filled with accumulated red leaves

At the end of the year, leaves slowly fall from the trees and accumulate on the ground. Soon the brilliant season will be gone. Decorations will be stored and trees will rest until spring.

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