Sunday, November 19, 2017

November Leaves

Santa Cruz Mountains, California

It’s been said that California has no discernible seasons, but our dogwood tree thinks otherwise. Its festive springtime blossoms become ripe seeds as its bronze foliage suddenly turns multicolored.

Red and Yellow Dogwood Leaves

In November, when other trees have lost their leaves, the dogwood displays a plethora of colors and patterns. It’s a lovely, unpredictable, and short-lived showiness.

2 Red Dogwood Leaves with Yellow Leaves in Background

November showers bring…bright foliage, but just only a short time. The dogwood leaves change their colors and patterns daily, in all sorts of hues, until finally they fall and the tree rests.

A Few Red and Gold Plum Leaves Against the Blue sky

Our plum tree also performs its color antics in November. Every year I think it’s not going to do anything. But every year at least some of the leaves turn bright.

Two Orange Leaves with Raindrops on them

The pre-winter rains seem to encourage the color shift. The morning after a storm, every remaining leaf has changed. And after only a few golden days they fall.

Multicolored Plum Leaves on the Ground

And once they fall they are still lovely, if ephemeral. For a short time, a riot of colors graces our patio. And then, we rake them away and the cycle begins all over again.

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