Sunday, May 28, 2017

May Roses

Santa Cruz Mountains

Multi colored climbing roses on rustic arbor

May in a rose garden is magical. Though I longed to visit UC Botanical Gardens' heirloom rose bed, my work schedule kept me at home in my own rather unkempt garden.

closeup of climbing rose

As our climbing roses age, the blossoms pale from pure red to pink veined with white. Each climber sports a variety of blooming colors and shapes.

pink cabbage rose

Mrs. Smith, the 80 year old Brit who owned the house for 40 years before us, planted a row of these cabbage roses along the driveway. They are surprisingly drought tolerant.

bright red rose with classic whorl

What could be more classic than a deep red scented rose outside the front door? Thank you, Mrs. Smith, for planting these "greeters" for our family and friends to enjoy.

white rugosa rose

Our friend Joy left this world too soon, but the lovely roses that we inherited from her remind us that her spirit lives on, year after year.

bright pink heirloom rose starting to open

The heirloom English rose is a newcomer to the garden. A birthday gift from me to my husband, it lived in two of our previous gardens before relocating here. Bugs seem to pick on the new kid. 

full blown pink heirloom rose

Despite its popularity with rose bugs, the heirloom makes a showy display. And its scent is heavenly, unlike many newer cultivars.

orange rose in full bloom

Concluding the garden tour with another of Mrs. Smith's plantings. Her beautiful choices will enhance our yard throughout the summer and fall.

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