Sunday, April 23, 2017

Spring Snow = Summer Water

Lake Tahoe and Surrounds

Driving in to South Lake Tahoe from Sacramento

After six years of drought and sadly deficient Sierra snow pack, who would have dreamed we’d see fresh snow in the mountains in April?

Snow on Trees and Slopes in Mountains

The soft new blanket of snow delights outdoor sports enthusiasts as well as nature lovers.

Decorative Pagoda and Shrubs covered with Snow

Even down in South Lake Tahoe, the sticky spring snow coats everything. But it won’t last long here.

Snowy Branch Dripping Water

It’s melting! As beautiful as it is, it will soon be gone from the trees to the water table.

Eagle Creek in the Snow from Upper Bridge

Up above town, Eagle Creek has more water than it knows what to do with due to snowmelt. At last!

Closeup of Eagle Creek's Raging Waters

The creek rushes riotously, rejoicing with the loudest roar we’ve heard in years. 

Iconic Winter Picture of Lake Tahoe from Eagle Creek

The snow and the creeks feed our beautiful Lake Tahoe and replenish drinking water for all who visit.

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