Sunday, March 28, 2021

Early Springtime at Filoli

Woodside, CA

Many Multicolored Tulips with White Daffodils

A beautiful warm, sunny day in late March brought me to Filoli Garden, a place that I never found time to visit pre-pandemic. Such variety and abundance!

Magenta and Red Tulips

In sun and light shade, red and magenta tulips glow and reflect so much light that it’s hard to capture their true colors, even in post-production.

Yellow Tulips striped with Orange

Whereas this yellow-orange bicolor shows true hues to the camera even in full sun. Who even knew there were tulips with this shape and colors?

Orange Variegated Tulps

A nearby orange variegated hides in the shade on a shorter stalk, a mystery waiting to be discovered by those who look deep into the beds.

Big Field of Red Tulips

This sweeping bed of red is criss-crossed by several paths. Can you find the lone white tulip in the sea of red? The two people on the path?

Single Asymmetrical Red Tulip

The play of light and shadow gives this red tulip a neon glow. The asymmetry of its form intrigues me. Why does one petal open while another stay curled?

Pots of Pink Tulips Casting Shadow on Pond

My husband says the pond in this shot looks extraterrestrial. It’s true that the tulip shadows on the pond look nothing like the flowers themselves.

Field of White Tulips with Small Blue Flowers

White blossoms incandesce brightly in the strong sun. I can’t imagine how they look so fresh; I’m significantly overheated and wilting.

Two Perfect White Daffodils

Though this post is about tulip varieties, I pause to acknowledge the beauty and elegance of the pure white daffodils. By late March, most are past blooming.

Parrot Tulips in a Variety of Colors

I’ve tried growing parrot tulips, but they’re finicky beauties. At Filoli they’re grown in shady, sheltered locations, like inside their Garden House.

Two Fresh Pink Tulips on Bed of Gravel

Exactly the opposite, these light pinks bloom in full sun, on a gravel path far from other flowers. I’d love to know the name of this hardy variety.

Backlit Yellow Tulip and Narcissus

This golden tulip blooms near the Walled Garden. Its narcissus companions are just a tiny sampling of Filoli’s other March blooms. Spring has sprung!

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