Sunday, January 31, 2021

Boardwalk Beach in January

Santa Cruz, CA

Once again our neighborhood received mandatory evacuation orders. Where else to go but Casablanca Inn? They happily accommodated our SIP evacuation.

Before the storm, a brisk afternoon walk on the cold, windswept beach under a gibbous moon. Not many out strolling today, but a couple of family groups huddle in tents.

The iconic Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk has been off-limits during the pandemic, but it still shines brightly. Perhaps even more brightly. I suspect a new coat of paint.

My first blog post using iPhone photos rather instead of trusty Olympus pics. I’m impressed with the quality, but the zoom function is blocky. Must get close.

Bayside, even the light is cold, and the wind tosses the spray from the rollers. Our little Santa Cruz Harbor Lighthouse pokes its beacon up in the distance.

Yep, it’s your basic Santa Cruz Beach in January shot, with human and dog footprints, storm cloud reflections, cold wintry light, and of course breaking waves.

Sky, sea, and shore are filled with birds, flying in to shelter from the storm. According to the waves, it will be a day or two before the rain and wind hit.

Wrapping up a beautiful walk on a cold, windy winter day, heading down by the Cocoanut Grove and Santa Cruz wharf. Soon the rain will be falling, and lots of it.


  1. Nice! Beautiful photos.

    I like yet another in a long series of two shadows standing together as well.


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