Sunday, June 14, 2020

Socially Distanced Beach Day

Monterey, CA

After months of sheltering in place, a 40-minute drive to Monterey to walk on the beach is a major expedition. It’s good to value what we used to take for granted.

Monterey State Beach is IMHO the top location on Monterey Bay for wave photographers. Its long, wide expanse of sand makes easy work of social distancing.

Individuals and families spread out to enjoy their own private experiences with wind, waves, fog, sand, and seabirds. The sun will break through soon.

Contemplating the waves on my birthday, I consider that what seems like chaos actually has underlying form, rhythm, and pattern. Not unlike our lives in 2020.

The pandemonium of swells and troughs occasionally coalesces into a perfectly formed breaker. The backlighting through Monterey’s clear waters lifts my heart.

Meanwhile, on the other end of the beach, revelers enjoy social distancing on land and in sky. Assuming that the amorous couple on the right also shares a home. 

Like the song says, “Don’t fight the sea.” One wave moves left to right while another moves towards us. Not a good place for a swimmer. Find a spot with less undertow.

Fresh air, exercise, and communing with nature synchronize beautifully with social distancing. Even on this large beach, we occasionally wait for others to pass.

Renewing and rejuvenating, ocean waves ever change in color, form, and pattern. Their elemental beauty replenishes us, even as we return home to shelter in place.

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