Sunday, April 19, 2020

Shelter in Place April

Santa Cruz Mountains

Yellow-orange day lily with spreading foliage

More sheltering in place. This day lily has been with me for over 30 years. I rescued it from a hillside being bulldozed at Cabrillo College to add a new building.

Orange poppies with blue-green foliage

I’d love to be traveling with my camera, but California poppies present photo ops right here in my yard. A few seeds scattered last fall bloom majorly this spring.

Backlit white hydrangeas

It’s a short walk to my neighbor’s gorgeous early hydrangea. My grandmother called hers snowball bushes, a long time ago back in Connecticut. Such a nostalgic plant.

Bright orange-peach-pink azaleas with surrounding trees

Another neighbor’s azalea peeps out from among sycamore trunks and Japanese maple. They’ve branched out into their favorite environment—bright shade.

Pale pink and yellow rose with stout thorny stem

My first Peace rose of 2020 blooms at home. The thorny stem beside it is part of the same venerable old plant, and a force to contend with while pruning.

Blue pom pom looking plants with bright serrated foliage

Second generation wildflower from Renee’s seed mix. Last year after I planted we were heavy in cosmos. This year it’s yellow calendula and these sweet unidentified pompoms.

Arching purple Spanish lavender branch with grassy background

Yet another image of my beloved Spanish lavender. This volunteer survives year after year, whether or not rain falls and whether or not I remember to water it. 

Deep pink rose with deep green foliage

I have so many of these pink roses, an old English variety planted by the British gentlewoman who owned the property before us. Luckily, I’m fond of pink.

purple plant with many flowers and bee on top, and evergreens in background

Our odd little flower from last month, with more blossoms opening. Still haven’t identified it. I nearly bumped noses with the well-camouflaged bee on its top left.  

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