Sunday, October 20, 2019

October Cheer

Santa Cruz Mountains

As October commences, so does chrysanthemum season. Newly minted spider mums change from burgundy to purple as the month rolls along.

A fresh yellow calendula reminds me of the warm sunshine, which will soon fade. Calendulas, however, thrive throughout the winter.

First hints of multi-color on the Japanese maples throughout my neighborhood. By next month they’ll all be intensely and uniformly crimson.

This grasshopper took a break for a few days on my garden rose. During cooler weather, they seem to become sleepier.

Fresh as an autumn daisy—daisy mum, that is. Their pristine white hue will turn pinker and pinker as the month progresses.

Cosmos seems to dominate the pollinator seed mix I planted last summer. Striking colors, rich in pollen, and a fast-growing self-seeder that I hope sprouts next year.

Who knew Bachelor’s Buttons could survive colder nights? Or that it’s another pollinator-friendly flower? I’m hoping this one self-seeds too. 

The bees are taking full advantage, gathering as much pollen as possible during every short day. Let’s celebrate these last warm days of the year with them.

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